Morocco: a land of unique crafts and art !

Traditional craftmanship and design are one of the deep-rooted cultural heritage. Various and multiple materials are finely worked by hand using machines and traditional tools, to make decorative daily objects. From table art, furniture, to jewellery and clothing, you won’t resist carrying Moroccan souvenirs with you !

Morocco is also a country of craftsmanship. Carpets in Ouarzazate, Leather in Marrakech, and clay in Safi, Fez or Zagora, these cities has a lot to offer to you. From slippers, to lounge articles discover a range of charmful creations, and aesthetic innovations.

Moroccan carpets

Rabat, Fez and Tetouan, offer you a wide range of Moroccan handicrafts including a variety of rugs and carpets for a different types of use.

Depending on the region, rugs often tell stories through their patterns and mixed colours. Decorate the floors, seating covers, bed covers or blankets, For a urban use or rural use, these rugs are traditionally handmade mostly by women using the typical knotting techniques steming from Amazigh culture.

Traditional clothing

Traditional clothing, which is still commun during festivals and ceremonies, is now adopting an innovative style. From caftan to babouche, try on the Moroccan fashion clothing ! It is available in all styles and many designers offer models both arty and trendy !


Home to original handmade jewelry, the region of Marrakech is full of lavish Amazigh jewelry ! Most of the jewelry shops await for you in the medina next to the Jemaa El Fna square. Many silver jewels are also produced in cities such as Goulimine, Agadir, Essaouira, Tiznit or Taroudant. In gold or silver, they are made by craftsmen and sold in the souks of the old medinas.

Ceramics and pottery

In Rabat, the potteries illustrate the interweaving of Amazigh and Andalusian culture. Ceramics are also in common use. The shapes and colours used vary from region to region: blue patterns in Fez, yellows in Safi and greens in Meknes. Go to Safi to discover unique, multicoloured pottery. In Azemmour, women artisans have their own structure. if you’re staying in Salé, don’t miss out a visit to the potters’ complex, the Oulja.

The wrought iron

In Marrakech, Fez or Safi, you come across icons of Moroccan wrought iron work. Candelabras, lanterns, mirrors or lampshades will perfectly fit into your interiors. Magnificent woven objects made of wicker and raffia and palm tree are waiting for you in Fez, Marrakech or Salé.

Marquetry and the Thuja tree

In Essaouira, you’ll be able to buy items made of Thuya, a precious wood from the Atlas Mountains. For centuries, wood decoration has been an artisanal Moroccan speciality which has wona place in the world of decoration. Likewise, the marquetry which are decorations in typical wooden plates, that you can spot anywhere you go in Morocco.

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