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AOZ, A fashion house since 1959, combining demanding artisan techniques and noble and sustainable materials, to create a cosmopolitan and contemporary feminine wardrobe.

OUR Story​

It was in 1959 that Maison AOZ was created in Marrakech.​

It is now the second generation, represented by two brothers, Samad and Malek, who run the family business and carry on a tradition of creativity and excellence that began over 60 years ago.​

It is under their leadership that Maison AOZ is betting on luxury handcrafted manufacture, serving joyful, elegant and colorful fashion.​

Renowned for their discretion, the collections designed season after season by Samad and Malek are the best testimony of their creativity and the know-how of the craftsmen they trust.


Playing with colors and materials, the AOZ wardrobe is cheerful and elegant; cosmopolitan and contemporary; for women who are not afraid to assert their personality.​

​Recognized for the daring and inventiveness of its tailor-made creations, Maison AOZ now publishes, for the general public, a limited number of original creations, in leather goods, shoes and women’s clothing. Find them here.​​

Know how​

​All the pieces signed AOZ and offered here are made entirely by hand, in small series, by craftsmen selected and trained by the House. 

Their artisanal manufacture brings together the oldest traditions of weaving, embroidery and leather goods in Morocco.

This obsession with ‘handmade’ quality, which assumes that each item has some inevitable variations, nevertheless gives each piece its uniqueness.​

AOZ selects noble leathers and wools of the best quality, giving life to bags, shoes and clothing that are both beautiful and resistant to time.


​The ocher city, now known around the world and listed as a World Heritage Site, has continued to act as a magnet for creators and artists. It is in this setting, where color and light are second to none, that AOZ draws its roots and inspiration.​

​By choosing an exclusively local production, AOZ pays tribute and highlights the artisan traditions of excellence, which are an integral part of the identity of the former imperial city.​

Personal experience is always worth more than a few words, so don’t hesitate to come and discover the AOZ Boutique on your next visit.

Responsible and sustainable fashion​

Handicrafts. AOZ trains and calls on craftsmen proud of their know-how, who perpetuate the oldest traditions of weaving, embroidery and leather goods in Morocco.

Proximity. AOZ favors exclusively local artisanal production, promoting traceability and reducing unnecessary transport times: all the workshops are located within a radius of 15km around Marrakech, with the exception of the weaving workshop, located in a region specializing in the manufacture of carpets.

​Respect for materials. The leathers are treated in the traditional way, using no chemicals: no chromium, no ammonia, no sulphides or chemical dyes. All the pigments used are natural. The weaves exclude any synthetic fiber. They prefer cottons, aloes, apricot resins, wools and scraps of leather

Sobriety. AOZ creations are deliberately produced in a reduced number of copies, thus limiting unnecessary and unsold stocks which are costly for the House and for the environment.

Fait-main. ​All of AOZ’s creations are made entirely by hand, with high quality materials, thus guaranteeing the robustness and durability of the pieces offered.

Recycling. AOZ favors the reuse of second-hand, antique or recycled materials, to limit as much as possible the volume of waste produced by manufacturing. For the leathers we work with, we have achieved zero waste: all off cuts are reused in our manufacturing cycle.

Art.Ouarzazate Fashion house since 1959

Our projects

Reconnue pour l’audace et l’inventivité de ses réalisations sur-mesure, la Maison AOZ édite désormais, à destination du grand public, un nombre limité de créations originales, en maroquinerie, souliers et vêtements féminins. Retrouvez-les ici.

Fashion Show My Sky by Art Ouarzazate at the MadJazz Festival 2012

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