Buying Moroccan Handicrafts, Artisan Weavers and Embroiderers in Tameslouht

Morocco is famous for its handicrafts and as you stroll through the streets of any Moroccan medina (old town) you will see superb examples of local leather goods, rugs, baskets and tasseled blankets, upholstery, slippers, carved wood and much more, well Suite. Moroccan style, textiles and crafts have influenced major design houses and fashion stores for many years, but these items have recently gained unprecedented popularity – glossy interior magazine pages and influencer profiles. Instagram on the floors of houses and apartments. worldwide.

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Crafts in Marrakech

Handicrafts in Marrakech: “This blueuuuu dream”

I’ve been wanting to replace this imitation Persian rug that I drag like a rug in the middle of the living room for ages. When we choose to go to Marrakech for the holidays, I decide to budget to renew this carpet! Marrakech is famous for its crafts, right?

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Copper is one of the few metals that occurs naturally in nature. It then has a red or orange color. Naturally present in the earth’s crust, it in a low dose is essential for the development of all life. It is mostly used by humans as a metal.Copper has been known for a long time, we can say that it is the oldest metal used by man

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